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Introducing Blind Maps Project

Written on Nov 2, 2016 and marked as javascript, leaflet | web maps

I’d like to introduce you to my little pet project, which might just as well be awarded the first pet project I’ve ever completed, called Blind maps.

It’s a very simple, yet useful web application built on top of the great Leaflet library meant to help you get to know our world a bit better. As the name suggests, the app shows you, well… a blind map, and you try to fill as many features as you can.

The app is ready and can be used:

  • online at Blind maps with the map of your choice (if available)
  • offline, downloaded to your computer and filled with whatever data you want

What I find great about this project is the ease of adding new dataset. For starters, I filled it with data coming from Natural Earth:

  • CONUS states
  • European states
  • World capitals

If you wish, feel free to send me a pull request with GeoJSON data, I’ll be happy to have more datasets available! The process is described at the project homepage.

As you notice at the project homepage, there are two versions of the game available:

  • one lets you find map features by their names
  • the other one lets you type name highlighted feature (much tougher)

Have fun!