When I went to school, we used to spend breaks standing in front of a map, trying to find places we've never been to. Since then, I guess I kind of like blind maps. They're great help for studying and they're fun as well.

That's why I made this simple project.

Try it yourself

Right now you can test your knowledge of the following parts of the world:

Name Guess by name URL [1] Guess by feature URL [2] Datasource
CONUS https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/usa/?inverse https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/usa/ Natural Earth
Europe https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/europe/?inverse https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/europe/ Natural Earth
World capitals https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/world-capitals/?inverse https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/world-capitals/ Natural Earth
Africa https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/africa/?inverse https://www.zimmi.cz/blind-maps/africa/ Natural Earth

[1] Given a name, you try to find the right feature in the map

[2] Given a feature (highlighted in the map), you try to fill in the right name

Use it

Feel free to use this little game whenever and wherever you feel it might be useful: at school, at home, giving a speech, whatever.

How to contribute

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Run yarn.
  3. Checkout the gh-pages branch.
  4. I recommend copying usa folder to the new folder (name it after the piece of the world it represents)
  5. In that folder, replace the data/data.js file with your own GeoJSON EPSG:4326 file. Please consider simplifying the geometries, so the file is not bloated. Don't forget to prepend let data = before the GeoJSON itself.
  6. You'll find a config file at js/config.js. If you provide GeoJSON with name attribute (case-sensitive), no actions need to be taken. However, you can provide more than one attribute to check answers against in an array.
  7. Check that everything works fine.
  8. Update README.md.
  9. Send PR.
  10. Profit!